Finding Beauty in Transition Finding Beauty in Transition

Finding Beauty in Transition

By Sandra Morales

Finding Beauty in Transition Finding Beauty in Transition

Photo: Art by Caroline Denervaud.

Life is permanent transitions. From small ones like waking up to big ones like birth or marriage. Most of them just happen, finding us unprepared. Then there a a few that come with time to contemplate and ready ourselves. E.g. A marriage. 

A wedding is the ceremony where two unmarried individuals become married. Fun and love goes into planning one yet feelings of anxiety, fear, self-doubt, stress and even sadness are likely to arise. And this is ok and it's all part of the beauty if we're able to find it. 

Below we gathered a list of helpful practices to navigate this and many life transitions. A few thoughts and rituals to support your journey of finding the most joy in challenging times. 

1. Let emotions arise without resistance. 

Welcome them, observe them, acknowledge you are a human body with all its beautiful complexity. Feelings are a healthy body response and cues for change. Its nature isn't good or bad they just are. Don't cling to them, let them come and go. 

The Ritual: Write about them without overthinking. Ideally first thing in the morning when our ego is at its thinnest. This will aid with anxiety, help discover things that have been hiding inside you and provide a clearer mind to focus in other things. 

2. Stop and let the breath settle.

Become aware of your surroundings. The truth only belongs to an instant. Think what a privilege it is to be alive. Do not take this for granted. Breath again. Take this truth in and exhale a big sigh of gratitude. 

The Ritual: Sit and breath. Start with as short as 2 minutes a dayMeditation can be a challenging practice but a beautiful way of bringing awareness to a moment. 

3. Grieve the old and let it go.

Transition leaves beauty behind. The person you were, the life you had. Be grateful for them. Give your life memories the respect they deserve. 

The Ritual: I keep an open canvas in my living room and everyday I paint something over it. It's a never-ending reminder of change and of my freedom to let go and paint over. Organize a celebratory symbolic ritual to say good bye to the past and welcome the new. A ritual brings meaning, enrich milestones and reconnects us to our hearts and souls.

4. Write a new story, never stop editing.

Embrace the opportunity to grow and exist truthfully. Celebrate re-birth. Inhabit your new self. Welcome the new beginning, the freedom and beauty that comes with change. 

The Ritual: Creativity lives inside every human and it needs to be nourished. Inspire yourself by your own imagination. Create something just for the sake of doing it as a reminder of your freedom to create your own story. If doing this on your own sounds too challenging, look for creative events around you like life drawing sessions, craft parties or art lessons. 

5. Share and find others.

Everyone is transitioning all the time, nobody is alone. Talk to people. Listen to people. Find the beauty that comes with openness. Find the joy that comes with letting yourself be vulnerable with others and relate. 

The Ritual: Reconnecting with old friends is a great way to experience the power of sharing. Your lives may seem so different but you'll most likely be surprised at how much you can still relate. Humans be humans. 

6. Watch the flowers.

Everything is changing, nothing is permanent. Flowers bloom to perish. Smell, see, touch, taste and listen to transition in nature, it's always there. A beautiful reminder: You are alive. 

The Ritual: Intentionally spend time in nature, ideally in solitude. Try to see yourself with the same eyes you see a tree. If you really look at it, you'll find you're not that different. Experience the feeling of unity with the larger world and the relief and calmness that comes with it. 

Sarah Maggie & the Amulet veil captured by Angela Mae

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