We Are Now Ofrenda Studio We Are Now Ofrenda Studio

We Are Now Ofrenda Studio

By Sandra Morales

We Are Now Ofrenda Studio We Are Now Ofrenda Studio
An Ofrenda is an altar, built to honour lost loved ones, essential part of the Day of the Death celebration in Mexico. An ever-evolving Holiday, rooted in Aztec tradition, later fused with Spanish practices. Ofrendas are not meant to worship our ancestors but to celebrate their memory. Gifts, candles, flowers, food, letters, jokes and poems are common offerings, always including the four elements. Each altar, as unique as the person who is gone, is an extraordinary ritual of self expression by the people who built it. While this practice is a result of tradition, it is capable of holding beauty and meaning on its own. 
Through veils, we honour the ones who came before us while exploring tradition as a dynamic pursuit, only able to exist through change and renewal. A veil is a beautiful object capable of holding the tension between tradition and modernism. Its meaning it's given only by the person who wears it. Our purpose is to renew their use as a ritual of self expression, free from outdated beliefs about love and marriage. We believe marriage should mean whatever the people involved want it to mean and only that. 






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